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Explore the unique opportunity to acquire a leading company in providing fully-equipped kitchens for businesses and entrepreneurs in the culinary sector. Our primary service, the rental of these spaces, offers a modern and functional infrastructure for food preparation.

Our facilities, adaptable and equipped with quality utensils, ensure an environment conducive to culinary excellence. In addition to space rental, the company provides technical support, guidance on food safety standards (HACCP), and assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses to operate a commercial kitchen.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a leading company, ready to continue thriving in the dynamic shared kitchens sector. Contact us to explore this investment opportunity!

Key Assets:

At the core of the company lies a collection of tangible assets and quality equipment, essential for the efficient execution of its operations and business strategy.

These equipment, combined with the company's expertise, provide a functional and modern environment, essential for the culinary development of our clients. By choosing our company, chefs and entrepreneurs can focus exclusively on creation, leaving the management and operational infrastructure in our hands, ensuring a secure path to the success of their culinary activities.

Key Equipment (Total value approximately 100,000 euros):

  • Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Hood 2000x950x400 mm - 4 units

  • Stainless Steel Filter 500x500x50 mm - 12 units

  • Luminaire with 1200 mm Lamp - 4 units

  • 2-Door Refrigerated Counter, 280W, 900x700x880 mm - 2 units

  • Gas Stove, 34.6 Kw, 29500 Kcal/h, 4 Burners + Oven, 800x750x860 mm - 3 units

  • Vertical Freezer Cabinet GN, 550 W, 700x810x2100 mm - 2 units

  • Vertical Fridge 220W, 720x800x2100 mm - 1 unit

  • Freezing Bench, 350 W, 2 Doors, 1350x790x900 mm - 1 unit

  • Temperature Reducer for 10 Trays 2200W, 800x760x1380 mm - 1 unit

  • Electric Convection Oven for 4 Trays, 1350 W, 680x670x580 mm - 1 unit

  • Microwave 1400 W - 1 unit

  • Dishwasher, 3350 W, 580x650x820 mm - 1 unit

  • Stainless Steel Trash Bins with Pedal and Lid 50 L - 5 units

  • Stainless Steel Tray Cart for 16 Trays, 1735x680x540 mm - 1 unit

  • Insect Catcher VAS, White, 15 W - 2 units

  • Vulcano Water Heater - 1 unit

  • My Chacon Internal Security Cameras - 4 units

  • Stainless Steel Support Bench with 2 Intermediate Shelves and Wheels, 1000x600x900 mm - 1 unit

  • Stainless Steel Support Bench, 2000x790x900 with 2 Intermediate Shelves - 1 unit


  • Value: Negotiable

Investment Size

  • Investment Size: €177.000

Business opportunity

    Unique Opportunity in the Dark Kitchen Market in Portugal! We present a company distinguished by innovation and operational efficiency.

    With an official inauguration in 2021, the company marked a significant milestone, solidifying its reputation for providing fully-equipped kitchens for businesses and entrepreneurs. The streamlined organizational structure, free from employee dependency, stands out as a competitive advantage.

    The company offers opportunities for geographic expansion, service diversification, technological innovation, and sustainable practices. In a growing market, this company is the right choice for visionary investors.

    Economic and Financial Analysis:

    Let the numbers speak for themselves! The company has shown substantial growth in recent years:


    - 2022: €41,624
    - 2023: €64,617
    - 2024 (conservatively estimated): €68,042


    - 2022: €1,545
    - 2023: €12,889
    - 2024 (conservatively estimated): €24,620

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