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Mais Activities and Assets

We offer 12 models of sustainable bamboo sunglasses (+ 1x gift card) ranging from 79 to 94 euros and 3 glasses ranging from 130 to 155 euros. We are currently working on adding 4 new models to our 2023 collection. With each order we offer 1x bamboo box, 1x bamboo fiber cleaning cloth and pouch, and 1x flat seed tag with full product information.

momemto's company has €22.5K in assets (€12.5K in inventory + €10K in capital), plus:

- Brand
- Web site
- Social media accounts
- Domain
- Marketing Materials
- Customers


  • Investment Size: €200000
  • Value: Negotiable

Business opportunity

    There is a great opportunity for growth in the company with the delivery of experience in marketing and fashion (the founders have no prior experience in either). While the core concept, product and business model are well established and financially profitable, the company needs a cohesive marketing strategy that capitalizes on the project's natural appeal to bamboo. The founders are also not able to invest the necessary time for the company's growth. Strategically, the founders identify 4 key growth vectors for new owners: (1) The growth of our wholesale network: Wholesalers can be an important way to scale the company and bring regular cash flows. We recently launched an email campaign contacting 1,000 new retailers per month (managed by our business growth Manager). (2) Investing in social media advertisements: We are not currently managing any advertisements in social media (IG, Facebook, Google) due to a lack of know-how. Emailing campaigns can be great too, capitalizing on our 100K organic mailing list. This could be a fast-growing vector exploited by someone with experience. (1) Investing in new markets: ES, NL, FR, DE, US, and UK, markets offer large size, higher e-commerce purchase rates, and greater interest in sustainable products with minimal risk, as the logistics are already fully assembled. (2) Eyewear + lens customization: Prescription eyewear offers higher margins and a larger market. Furthermore, the same production line can be used to produce any type of lens (sunglasses, different colors, etc.) thus opening the door to endless customization and more products without additional investments in stock. We have established the logistical side but we still have to develop the necessary front-end updates and invest in the commercialization of these products.

    The brand has $62,000 in revenue over the last 12 months and $6,400 in profit over the same period. This is one of the few eyewear projects to work exclusively with bamboo (the only type of sustainable wood in the world) and a proven sustainable impact (+15,000 trees planted, and +10,000 plastic bottles rescued).

    This company built a strong brand identity around its high quality bamboo optical product, having worked with the biggest sustainable influencers in PT/ES and being the most respected eyewear brand in the sustainable ecosystem in Portugal.

    This company has its own designs and is currently working on 4 new models for summer 2023:

    $58,000 in TTM revenue

    $6,400 in TTM profits

    $15,600 in peak season month

    $2,700 in low season month

    $81 AOV

    Competitors: Joplins, MyTrueWood, Bird

    The team of 4 is made up of 2 x founders (working 6h-8h each week); 1 x B2B business growth manager (working 8h/week); 1 x customer support and operations manager (working 6h/week.

Company Data

  • Revenue: €62000

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