Fitness and Wellness Center, Business Transfer

Mais Activities and Assets

It consists of an exclusive space, in Campo de Ourique, close to a lot of commerce, designed to provide maximum comfort and the best experience inside. Offers a set of personalized services and premium services. Among which highlights its main service: Training using Muscle Electrostimulation, (EMS), allows you to achieve greater metabolic acceleration, exponentially increase muscle tone, improve cardiovascular activity, reduce fat, cellulite and weight, in addition to enhancing the recovery of injuries and the reduction of chronic pain.

Services and Secondary Products:

At the moment, the space also has online training and consultations, a clinical office for massages, nutrition and osteopathy consultations. There is also the possibility of creating in a second existing space, an area dedicated to aesthetics or another source of income. It should be noted that the current business does not have any store at its entrance and could be another source of additional revenue.


  • Investment Size: €95000
  • Value: Negotiable

Business opportunity

    The trend is for fitness and well-being in Portugal to start to increase its demand, with the awareness that it is an essential good for human beings. In Portugal, 7 out of 10 people suffer from a pathology, which could be resolved or alleviated with the practice of accompanied physical activity.

    This business will enter its sixth year of existence, it has a very solid path, even during confinement, as it has adapted with online services.

    It was opened in 2016, and renovated in 2020, being very profitable for those looking to invest or have their own business. It still has a huge margin for growth, as it has physical spaces to explore - For example, it has the capacity to have a store on the entrance floor and two therapy and aesthetic offices on the upper floor.

    The Amount Asked for this business has an estimated return on investment of 30 months. Since there are numerous ways to significantly increase the return.

Motivation for the sale

    The current partners intend to sell/transfer, as this is not the only business they have and they understand that another person, dedicated and with more time, will be able to value this business even more.

Company Data

  • Year Established: 2016
  • Number of Employees: 3-6
  • Revenue: €120.000 - 180.000


  • EBITDA: €45.000 - 65.000

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Campo de Ourique, Lisboa
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