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Standing out in the textile sector, the company specializes in providing custom clothing manufacturing services for women in fabric.

It focuses exclusively on made-to-order production, meticulously meeting the needs and specifications of clients. Close collaboration with clients is a distinctive hallmark, transforming requirements and visions into reality through personalized manufacturing processes.

The company's solid reputation in the industry is grounded in offering high-quality services in the production of women's clothing. In addition to technical expertise, it stands out for its ability to adapt to constantly evolving trends and styles in the women's fashion market. The commitment to quality is evident, incorporating.


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Business opportunity

    Unique Business Opportunity in the Textile Industry: Textile Company for Sale!

    A textile company, founded in the 80s, is now available for acquisition. With a rich history of success and innovation, this company represents a gem in the women's fashion industry, specializing in custom-made clothing in high-quality fabric.

    Key Highlights of the Opportunity:

    - Success Story: Founded in 1987, the company has built a solid reputation in custom-made women's clothing production.

    - Solid Growth: International expansion with direct exports to the Spanish market. Diversification into children's clothing in response to market trends.

    - Distinctive Business Model: Specialization in high-quality dresses and blouses, with a focus on custom tailoring. Complete control of the production chain, from material selection to delivery.

    - Robust Financial Performance: Profitable company with a growing trend. Growth in EBITDA and net profits in recent years.

    - Sustainability and Ethical Practices: Commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. Complete internal control to ensure quality and efficiency.

    - Solid Reputation: International recognition with prestigious collaborations.

    - Sustainability and Ethics: Response to consumer environmental concerns.

    - Proven Growth: Solid track record and significant expansion opportunities.

    This is a unique opportunity to acquire a company with a rich history, strategically positioned in a growing market. The company provides the perfect foundation for entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors looking to enter or expand in the textile industry, maintaining a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and responsibility.

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Company Data

  • Revenue: €590,405 in 2022; Projected to be €600,000 in 2023.


  • EBITDA: €88,031 in 2022; Approximately €70,000 projected for 2023.

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