Partial Sale of the Company

IT company for sale

IETSIS - Telecommunications and Informatics System - Unip., Lda, is a technology-based company,…
Total Sale of the Company

Sale of medical clinic

Sale of medical clinic quotas in Corroios, Municipality of Seixal, in operation since October 2014,…
Total Sale of the Company

Opportunity business! Retail Company

Company operating in the market for 35 years, between Faro and Olhão, along the main road that…
Total Sale of the Company

Fitness and Wellness Center

The trend is for fitness and well-being in Portugal to start to increase its demand, with the awareness…
Business Transfer

Cleaning Company with 20 years

Sale of cleaning services company, with 20 years of activity! A reference company in the market…
Total Sale of the Company

Reference Retail Company

Total or partial sale of a company with over 46 years in the market. With association to EURONICS,…
Total Sale of the Company

Renewable Energy Company for Sale

We are a well-established company active in the field of heating, alternative energy and sanitary…
Total Sale of the Company

Tourist entertainment company in Sintra

Sale of tourist entertainment company in Sintra, with license and licenses, ready to operate.
Business Transfer

Shop in the center of Évora

Sale of space renovated and equipped in the central zone of the city of Évora! Surface :75 m 2.…

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