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Excellent Franchise Opportunity! miminhoaosavós® is a renowned brand, of reference and national prestige in the geriatrics sector. Contact now for more information! Send a message and you will be contacted as soon as possible.


The franchisees of the miminhoaosavós® network have specific equipment for bedridden people or people with limitations in exclusive and very advantageous conditions, allowing the sale or rental of articles at prices lower than those practiced in large supermarkets, thus satisfying the most needy populations in terms of price and proximity.

It presents a wide variety of equipment and articles with a view to basic and primary needs, these are intended to improve the day-to-day of the population with limitations and minimize the difficulties that affect them, in order to contribute to independence in execution. of daily tasks and for superior well-being.


The external services provided by miminhoaosavós® include support for families who choose to take care of their elderly or disabled relatives, through specialized technical assistance. This work is based on a partnership between the Geriatric/Family Companion and the family itself, which together provide for the satisfaction of basic daily needs (hygiene, food, surveillance, company, etc.), as well as promoting recreational, cultural, social, intellectual, formative, spiritual and/or religious, sporting, etc.

Not replacing health technicians, they raise awareness and prepare family members to take better care of their own.

The Home Support Service (S.A.D.) miminhoaosavós® is implemented in accordance with the standards of the Social Security Quality Process and provides, among others, the following services:

 Helpline – 800 207 251;
 Assistance to the bedridden;
 Housing hygiene;
 Meal support;
 Assistance to Medical Assistance;
 Monitoring of terminally ill patients;
 Activities;
o Social;
o Sports;
the Spiritual and/or Religious;
o Cultural and Intellectuals;
o Playful-recreational;
 Monitoring abroad;
 Adaptation of spaces and suppression of architectural barriers;
 Daily life as a barber/hairdresser, taking care of animals/plants;
 Other services that may prove to be of interest and satisfaction to the
customers' needs.

Services within the miminhoaosavós® space:

Simultaneously, in the offices installed and operating within the miminhoaosavós® space, activities related to the health area are developed through local partnerships with duly accredited professionals.

After specific training, the implementation of services provided by miminhoaosavós® staff is strongly encouraged.

Services commonly implemented after ERS licensing:

 Geriatrics consultation;
 General clinic consultation;
 Nutrition;
 Psychology;
 Nursing;
 Physiotherapy;
 Clinical analysis;
 Osteopathy;
 Homeopathy;
 Massage.


  • Investment Size: €15000

Business opportunity

    Get access to a set of benefits in a business area with great market potential and technical specificity!

    The Franchisee and his team will receive initial training, which will have a duration adjusted to the needs of each one. This training will consist of a detailed presentation of the genesis and concept of the store, the products and services offered, their applications, the appropriate sales techniques and all the business procedures.

    In an area of ​​activity that is regulated by Social Security, full support and face-to-face monitoring is given to the legalization of the S.A.D. in technical terms, this being included in the Entry Rights.

     Licensing;
     Requirements;
     Declarations;
     Contracts;
     SAD process management;
     In-store and SAD self-assessment checklist.
    In addition, the Franchisor guarantees:
     Continuous training;
     Promotion and dissemination of the brand image;
     Organization and implementation of actions for the benefit of the network;
     Franchisee support service;
     Continuous support and monitoring of the network;
     Network audits.

    The concept of the Geriatric Center - miminhoaosavós® emerged from the need to respond to difficulties experienced with the illness of an elderly family member. From the decision to overcome the problems and the realization of the lack of an adequate response in the market, arises the desire to contribute to the well-being of the senior population, or with any type of limitation, in a really efficient way.

    Currently, miminhoaosavós® has units open to the public, in the cities of Almada, Castelo Branco, Gaia, Maia, Matosinhos, Monção, Oeiras, Ourém, Porto, Sintra, Santiago do Cacém, Sines, and Viana do Castelo. As well as an implementation study in more cities.

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