35 years in the Window Market, Businesses For Sale

Mais Activities and Assets

The company offers a wide range of products and services that meet various needs of its clients. Among its key activities, manufacturing and installation of aluminum and PVC frameworks, restoration and installation of blinds, and carpentry services stand out. This diversity not only caters to different market segments but also fosters customer loyalty through personalized and high-quality service.

The company's assets include a well-located headquarters in Setúbal, equipped with high-quality infrastructure for manufacturing and restoring products. It has an operational area fully prepared for essential operations, capable of expanding product and service diversity as business volume grows. Additionally, the growing customer database is a valuable asset reflecting strong customer relationships and trust in the services provided.

The team's experience and knowledge are another crucial asset, contributing to efficient operation and successful business management. The combination of tangible assets such as facilities and quality materials, and intangible assets such as reputation and customer proximity, make this company an attractive option for investors seeking an established business with significant potential for expansion and ongoing success.


  • Investment Size: €503.000
  • Value: Negotiable

Business opportunity

    We present a rare and valuable opportunity to acquire a company with over 35 years of experience in the window and shutter market. With a solid reputation built over the years, this company is recognized for the quality of its products and services, as well as its commitment to customer satisfaction.

    The opportunity to expand into new markets and increase the range of services offered makes this an excellent option for investors seeking an established business with great growth potential.

    The company has a vast base of loyal customers, supported by hundreds of positive reviews, reflecting excellence in service and product quality. With a highly qualified professional team and a robust organizational structure, the company is well-positioned to continue growing and thriving. Additionally, the company's flexibility and ability to adapt to market changes are factors that ensure its resilience and potential for expansion.

Company Data

  • Revenue: €672.000
  • EBITDA: €94.000

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