Partial Sale of Company

Clothing Brand | 59% Gross Margin

The company was born 30 years ago and currently has an established clothing brand in the national…
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Opportunity! Veterinary Clinic

A unique opportunity in the field of animal healthcare: the opportunity to acquire an already established…
Sale of Company (total)

Urban rehabilitation company

Opportunity to multiply your money by a lotSEM HEIRS / Retirement
Sale of Company (total)

Excellence in Cleaning Services

Sale of a renowned and prestigious company with a legacy of excellence in hygiene and cleaning…
Sale of Company (total)

Invest in IT Now!

Unmissable Investment Opportunity in the Computer Products and Services Market! The company is…
Sale of Company (total)

Investment Opportunity: Leading Company

Investment Opportunity: Leading Company in the Motorized Vehicle SectorWe present an exceptional…

Companhia da Saúde & Bem-Estar

Companhia da Saúde & Bem Estar is a specialized brand in the retail sale of Medical, Orthopedic,…
Sale of Company (total)

Paints and Varnishes, Prestigious Brands

Unique Opportunity: Sale of a Company in the Construction and Prestigious Paints and Varnishes…
Sale of Company (total)

Condos & Cleaning - in Fatima!

Unique Business Opportunity - Sale of My Condominium Management and Cleaning Company in Fátima!Dear…

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